Events & Services


  • Cultural Exchange Program
  •  Retreat
    Healing, Bathing, Meditation, Walks, Biking, Runs, Breathing, Stretching to support holistic wellness of the Trinity. Be entranced by Elders drumming, story-telling; calming the Being within to ignite clarity.
  • Private Dining
    Within the preferred seating areas on the grounds
    (See ‘Facility’)
  • Camping
    The original form of shelter for our ancestors. Basking in the outdoors to nest in nature; absorb the natural environment, seasonal weather, watch the sun rise and set, as the night life and day life transition. Within the preferred grounds area on sand or wild-grass.
  • Tours
    Conducted By: David Ada Tours
  • Catering
  • BBBQ and Picnic
  • Traditional Union (Marriage)
    The traditional African union is wholesomely rooted in the depth of our culture throughout generations. The union of marriage integrates the rites of passage for between both man and woman. Marriage is a sacred ceremony highly respected in celebration within all African cultures. Africa hold marriage as a symbol of privilege, as the union of two spirits, souls and flesh become one, merging families and communities.
  • Workshop
  • Honeymoon
    Compliment the union of oneness.
    Private services and occupation of the grounds.
    Blessings unto you and yours, with a gift from Korkoe.
  • Rebirth
    Naming ceremonies are the foremost identifiers of our people. African names distinguish our historical connection our roots to land, family, and self, as an interrelated element of our purpose. Native elders connected to our culture and ancestral process will perform the Rebirth.
  • Exhibitions
  • Blessing Ceremonies
    Connecting to the Creator and Nature for guidance and protection through showers of blessings at sunrise or sunset.
  • Photoshoot
  • Steam Lemongrass & Neem baths
    Our one-of-a-kind organic cleanses.
    Freshly plucked leaves upon request, are steamed in river water, and then stored in custom clay pots in private facilities.

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