Regulatory Compliance


  1. The aim to support local crafters and the traditional essence of culture reflects our requirements.
  2. KAHC does follow an itinerary to ensure our guest obtain a fulfilled experience.
  3. Zero tolerance for bribery. Guest will be escorted off the property, without refund.
  4. Zero tolerance for littering. Guests will be fined a monetary fee, in addition to the environmental fee paid upon booking
  5. Zero tolerance for smoking. Guests will be escorted off the premises, and fined a monetary fee. Though KAHC discourages smoking, guests are required to inquire about allocated smoking grounds.
  6. Food and Drinks must be purchased on the premises. Guests must consume their outside purchases before entering the premise. Guests are responsible for informing KAHC of any food restrictions.
  7. No items are to be removed from the premise by anyone or being. Guests will be monetarily fined and handed over to the appropriate authorities.
  8. No Nudity, discrimination, and any public indecency that is deemed inappropriate to the discretion of KAHC. Guests will be monetarily fined and removed from the premise.
  9. No plastic, Styrofoam or Environmental waste is allowed on the property. Guests are advised to use reusable bags/containers. Fees will be applied.
  10. Zero tolerance for loud and profane music, behaviour, and/or disruptions on the property.
  11. All guests are advised to pose any inquires to the identified host(s).
  12. KAHC’s strives to protect its tranquility and essence, for all guests to embrace.


The Environmental Fee will be the first investment initiative within Ada, towards the local beautification of the community. The distribution of these funds will be transparent, for youth to rid plastic and waste within the water and surrounding community. Advocacy towards a PLASTIC-FREE ZONE will be the core of this initiative. Adapting the modern ideology of hygienic re-useable bags supports the environmental preservation that sustains Ghana and dignity of the wealth in our people’s land.